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At Watson Headache® a Better Life Starts With a Skilled Examination of the Upper Neck

Using the Watson Headache®Approach, we help those affected by, as well as those treating, headache and migraine.

The Watson Headache® Approach is a precise, scientifically validated protocol, to confirm or rule out upper neck disorders as the cause of sensitisation of the brainstem – the underlying disorder in headache and migraine conditions.

Watson Headache® Clinic

In Sydney and Adelaide; treating relevant neck disorders in headache and migraine using the Watson Headache® Approach.

Watson Headache Clinic

Helping People Affected by Headache and Migraine to Find and Manage the Real Cause of Their Pain in Primary Headache conditions

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Watson Headache® Institute

World leader educating the public and health professionals in the role of the neck using the Watson Headache® Approach.

Watson Headache Institute

Training in the Role of Upper Cervical Afferents, as a potential Sensitising Source of the Brainstem in Primary Headache conditions

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Watson Headache® Approach

The only scientifically validated cervical manual therapy approach for treatment of Primary Headache conditions.

Watson Headache Approach

Identifying Relevant Upper Cervical Causes in Headache and Migraine conditions with unparalleled accuracy

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Effective long term relief from headache and migraine including

Tension Headache  I  Cervicogenic Headache  I  Sinus Headache  I  Cluster Headache  I  Chronic Daily Headache  I  SUNCT  I  Orgasmic Headache

Chronic Paroxysmal Hemicrania  I  Hemicrania Continua  I  Migraine  I  Menstrual Migraine  I  Abdominal Migraine